Beware short measure when buying netwrap

15 May 1998

With its combination of compactness and a lift capacity of 2.5t to 5m, AGCO says its new MF8925 gives it a model more suited to the volume sector of the telehandler market. Introduced as a pre-production prototype – available in June at about £36,000 – the 8925 is powered by a mid-mounted Perkins 1004 series engine, with the choice of 80hp naturally aspirated or turbod to 106hp. Transmission is hydrostatic with field and road speed ranges selected electronically. All-wheel, crab or two-wheel steer are standard and the cab features tinted glass and a four-function joystick.

Beware short measure when buying netwrap

FARMERS buying netwrap could be getting short measure, insists Tama supplier UAT.

The firm says buyers should check the guaranteed length of the roll; certain makes have been found to be 20% short on their stated length, which, on a 3000m roll, could equate to 60 bales.

"Some makers also work to a standard tolerance of  5%, which, on a 3000m roll, could mean as little as 2850m, the equivalent to coverage of about 15 bales," says Graham Rose, UAT technical director.

He adds that farmers should also ask questions about the quality of the netwrap they are using as a first step to reducing incidents of broken or misshapen bales. Mr Rose also believes that poorly made bales are far more likely to be the result of the type of netwrap being used rather than the operator, and that the construction and quality of an particular netwrap can have a significant influence on the finished product.

"To achieve maximum coverage and avoid waste, a netwrap with a guaranteed minimum width should be used," he says. "Less than 1.22m and bale coverage can neck down as low as 90-96cm leaving 25% of the bale unprotected.

"Shoulders which form around the bale as a result of poor edge-to-edge coverage allow air to be trapped and, if the bale is to be film wrapped, spoiled silage could be the result." &#42

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