Big bale spreader fits all

30 July 1999

Fast fasteners give security at double

PROTEX Redditch offers more than 500 quick-action fasteners and latches designed to meet a wide range of security and safety applications.

Among the selection, is the ProLatch, which is used to secure cabinets such as those fitted to sprayers.

The latch has been designed to compress cabinet lids against thick rubber gaskets to provide effective sealing.

Another example is the Protex 30-Series rigid fastener for securing pto shaft guards and hopper lids.

Protex producers are available in a choice of mild steel for general applications, or in stainless steel when hygiene is considered important.

For further information and prices contact (01527-63231).

Stop messing about

CARRYING straw/hay or dirty equipment in the back of a car often leaves a mess better kept outside.

To solve this Drop on Carriers has developed a rack, which fastens to the outside of a vehicle via a coupling and the tow hitch bolts.

Attachment through a coupling onto the tow hitch bolts, means the frame does not require further fixing to the vehicle bodywork.

The coupling is supplied as a kit, comprising a lighting board, support frame and a paddock lock for securing to the vehicle. The customer then chooses a carry frame to suit individual needs.

Prices for the rack start at £153 (01926-613795).

Lower volt line-up

LATEST addition to the line-up of workshop equipment available from Spaldings is a new range of Japanese-built 110v Ryobi power tools.

The range includes 4.5in, 5in and 9in angle grinders with motor sizes up to 2010w and two heavy-duty impact drills with motor sizes up to 750w.

Spaldings maintains that 110v tools are fast becoming the choice of service engineers due to the greater safety afforded through the use of lower voltages.

A transformer rated at 1.5kva 16 amps output is also available to convert standard mains power to 110v (01522 500600).

Power on tap – just where you need it

GRINDING, drilling and welding are some of the jobs, which are carried out away from the field – a situation where a generator comes in handy.

Spaldings has sparked two portable generators with 2.2Kva and 4.0Kva outputs into its Truecraft workshop equipment range.

Either 110v or 240v can be generated from a Honda 4 stroke OHV engine, which is designed for fuel efficient operation.

The engine features overload protection, a low oil level warning system, anti vibration mountings and is compatible with EU safety standards. Prices start at £444 (01522-500600).

Minimum tillage for cheaper cultivation

A NEW heavy duty coil and tine cultivator designed to cut tillage and establishment costs comes from UK distributor Vogel and Noot.

As a minimum tillage tool, the Franquet Shynchropress has been designed to break up stubbles, or work ploughed land in just one or two passes.

The 4m (13ft) implement, which uses the firms existing twin coil system but in heavier duty form, weighs up to 5.5t.

At the front of implement, 16 rigid tines in two rows can be shod with either chisel points for ploughed land or winged points for stubble penetration. Behind, is a single row of hydraulically adjusted wide flexible tines, designed to smash and crush clods.

The final stage of the cultivator comprises the Shynchrospire unit, formed from two 670mm (26in) diameter steel coils which can be adjusted using a coil interlock.

Another new entrant emerging from the Franquet fold is Vogel and Noots Euromat 3S Hektor semi-mounted plough.

Claimed to enable growers to increase ploughing capacity without spending more on larger tractors, weight is shared by the implements support/transport wheel.

Standard features of the plough include hydraulic working width adjustment and a 1000mm (39in) point to point clearance, designed to reduce blockages.

Leg protection can be shear bolt, mechanical or hydraulic auto reset systems – the Hydro-ST auto reset system features a hydraulic cylinder and gas accumulator circuit for each pair of legs.

Available in five, six and seven furrow sizes, shearbolt versions of the Euromat Hektor, cost £20,750, £23,275 and £24,975, respectively. &#42

Big bale spreader fits all

CHESTER based Cestrian Inspiration has launched a big bale spreader which utilises the manoeuvrability of a telehandler boom.

Designated the Spread-A-Bale, the machine can, says the firm, be tailored to fit the implement carriage of any make of telehandler.

Fitted endwise onto the carriage, the unit requires one double acting hydraulic service to power a conveyor and two vertical rotors.

To load, the front spreading head is raised using two double acting rams and the machine pushed two thirds of the way underneath a bales length. A rubber conveyor then reverses to draw the bale into the main body.

After the spreading head is lowered and the bale strings removed, the machine is all ready for work.

The conveyor is set in the forward direction, delivering the bale to the spreading head which discharges straw using two hydraulically powered vertical rotors – the boom can be extended to reach over into yards.

Cestrian Inspiration says the advantage of using contra rotating rotors, rather than a chopping unit, is that less dust is produced.

Discharge distance, which is up to 9m (30ft), is adjusted by altering the telehandlers engine speed.

The 1.35m (4ft 6in) wide Spread-A-Bale is available in three models to suit bales measuring 80cm, 100cm and 140cm high. Prices, which include fitting brackets and delivery, are £6100, £6400 and £6800, respectively. &#42

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