Big Case takes a bow – but UK will have to wait

4 December 1998

Big Case takes a bow – but UK will have to wait

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Andy Collings, Peter Hill

and Ian Marshall report

SHOW-GOERS in the market for a big horsepower tractor will have to wait until next autumn to get their hands on the latest Case-IH MX Magnum.

North American demand is mopping up initial production and there are plenty of current-model Magnums available for buyers wanting a tractor in this class.

For those who can wait, the MX Magnum – even bigger and heavier than its predecessor – offers significant advances. There is more power for one thing; the range-topping "270" packs an inter-cooled turbo engine developing a hefty 279hp at rated speed, but peaks at 306hp as increased load pulls back the revs.

That maintains the Magnums position as the most powerful rigid chassis tractor on the market.

"The most popular models in the current range are at either end of the line-up – 200hp and 276hp," says Case area business manager, Peter Stead. "We may see a similar pattern when the new model becomes available next autumn." With the 8.3 litre, six-cylinder diesel motor mounted 51cm further forward (and separated from the transmission to reduce noise and vibration at the cab), improved weight distribution should result in better traction and stability.

Hydraulics resources are also increased, from 110 litre/min on the current model to 166 litre/min in terms of flow, and from 6.6t to 7.26t over the full extent of lift linkage movement.

For drivers, the biggest changes are to be seen in the all-new cab. Glass area is a lot bigger, there is more room, and controls are brought up to date with transmission and hydraulics all operated from a seat-mounted console.

The 18-speed full powershift transmission (24 with the creep option added) is operated by a pulsing rocker switch on the engine accelerator and there is a power reverser in place of the mechanical forward/reverse gear engagement of the current machine. &#42

Case-IH MX Magnum range

Model Rated Maximum Current

power power Magnum

180 182hp 204hp 174hp

200 204hp 220hp 200hp

220 224hp 243hp 224hp

240 246hp 279hp 254hp

270 279hp 306hp 276hp

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