Big cost saving claimed if ATVs switch to LPG

30 August 2002

Big cost saving claimed if ATVs switch to LPG

By Andy Collings

THERE are big savings to be had by converting ATVs to run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), says Calor Gas.

Clearly keen to promote and extend the use of LPG, the company states that those running ATVs on petrol spend an average of £37.75/week based on a vehicle using 50 litres at 75.5p/litre.

By comparison, says Calor, those using LPG spend about £16.45 for 62.5 litres at up to 26.32p/litre, which amounts to a saving of about £21.30 a week.

Calors argument for the use of LPG also includes comment that vehicle performance is not compromised and that the initial cost for a dealer to convert an ATV using the companys LPG conversion kit is normally paid back in less than a year.

Further savings could be made by removing the conversion kit from an ATV when it is sold and refitting it to the replacement machine.

lA survey by Calor at the recent Game Fair revealed that only 6% of those interviewed had used LPG with ATVs, indicating to the company the potential in the market for major growth. &#42

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