Big shredders a real monster of a muncher

31 May 2002

Big shredders a real monster of a muncher

By Andy Moore

ITS big, powerful, and effective, and its now available in the UK – Doppstadt now offers a monster shredder with a processing capacity that cannot fail to impress.

Enter the DZ750 Kombi, a machine which employs a 610hp Mercedes engine to shred material such as pallets, tree trunks and roots at a rate of 48t/hour.

This is achieved by using both a low-speed shredding unit and a high-speed hammermill rotor.

Running at 90rpm, the low-speed unit performs a precrushing function before material totally loses its identity as it is smashed to smithereens by 36 free-swinging hammers rotating at an awesome speed of 900rpm.

The precrushing unit presses material through a hydraulically controlled comb which, should it come across anything really big, opens out automatically.

Weighing in at 2.5t, the 36 carbide-tipped blades are designed to grind material small enough to pass through mesh sizes from 40mm to 280mm.

Doppstadt says the machine is capable of handling high levels of ferrous metallic contamination in wood due to two overband magnets fitted to both processing units.

At the rear of the machine, a 7m long conveyor can be adjusted to deposit shredded material to a stacked height of 4m.

Clearly not a machine for those on a budget, the DZ750 Kombi costs about £310,000. &#42

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