Billboards could blight countryside

14 August 2000

Billboards ‘could blight countryside’

By FWi staff

POSTERS could soon blight the countryside following a relaxation of rules controlling the spread of billboard advertising, warns an environmental group.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England fears rural views could be spoiled following Department of Environment changes to existing regulations.

But the change, discussed at the Downing Street farming summit earlier this year, could provide an extra source of revenue for hard-pressed farmers.

Reforms mean that from 2001 only 20% of the area currently protected will remain off-limits to advertisers, reports The Daily Telegraph.

At present councils can declare a site an Area of Special Control Advertising, which effectively bans billboards.

Under new regulations this can only be applied to national parks, areas of outstanding beauty, the Broads, conservation areas and sites of special scientific interest.

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