Bio-additives – follow label

2 May 1997

Bio-additives – follow label

FOLLOW manufacturers storage advice and instructions for use to the letter to ensure biological silage additives work to best effect.

So stresses ADAS microbiology lab manager, Tony Moore, who says producers must realise they are dealing with living organisms, so correct storage is vital.

"As a rule, acids can be stored almost anywhere as long as it is safe. But biological additives should be stored according to manufacturers recommendations. If it says to store in a freezer, that is the best option, and where refrigeration is required, the additive should be stored in a refrigerator or at less than 4C."

When kept under correct conditions, biological additives should be stable for months, says Dr Moore. But he warns that it is not wise to keep biological products from one year to the next unless the maker specifically says the shelf life will be long enough and it has been stored correctly.

"Producers can get biological products checked for activity at any reputable lab, but use-by dates would be a welcome addition."

He also advises checking packaging is undamaged, as air can be lethal to biological additives.

"And ensure that products are stored correctly at the distributors, and are delivered under appropriate conditions, not from the boot of a reps car, where they may have heated up." &#42

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