Borders folk like a party

14 June 2002

Borders folk like a party

THE Berwickshire/North Northumberland and Scottish Borders FWC like a good party and the Queens Golden Jubilee was celebrated in style at Tilmouth Park Hotel.

It was great to see so many members having a good laugh and, in true FWC style, members enjoyed a fun-filled lunch with friends, old and new.

I got chatting to Isobel Fleming who had grown up on the farm next to the hotel – I just couldnt resist a photograph of her with friends in front of a copper beech tree she has known all her life.

Contact leader Jean Neill and her husband Tom made us so welcome at their home tucked away in the hills of Northumberland. A tour of the site of the Battle of Flodden Field improved my understanding of history and we laughed at the fact that the English won the battle in 1513 but now the Scots are farming the land. It shows how futile wars are in the great scheme of things!

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