Box tippers save time

19 July 2002

Box tippers save time

TONG Engineering says its new pair of 2t box tippers can cut forklift cycle times by half when compared with one tonne versions.

The machines,insists the company, also help to maximise the lift capacity of most on-farm forklifts which are rated typically at 2t.

Designated the Easy-Fill and Control-Flow, the tippers are designed for use by large-scale potato growers and packers seeking higher handling capacity.

Built to tip 40t/hr, the Easy-Fill model employs a conveyor to gently lower potatoes in the bottom of the box to minimise crop damage.

The Control-Flow is equipped with a hydraulic and PLC operated control system to release potatoes gradually to reduce bruising.

Tong Engineering says the Control-Flow can tip up to 25t/hr and is also available as a side-ejecting model to reduce the number of forklift movements. &#42

New box tippers from Tong Engineering are designed to reduce forklift movements by half.

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