BPEX: Quality assurance is the key

20 November 2001

BPEX: Quality assurance is the key

By Alistair Driver

PROMOTING quality assurance is crucial to the long-term health of the pig industry, the policy commission on the future of farming has been told.

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) highlights the need to develop quality assurance schemes in its submission to Sir Donald Currys commission.

Effective communication of the benefits of schemes to consumers, especially on public health matters, will be a key issue for the industry, claims BPEX.

The submission highlights the progress made by the industry in developing and promoting its Quality Standard Mark, but says more needs to be done.

BPEX, which controls industry levies for promotion and research, also says
that the industry must be protected from future disease outbreaks.

It calls for effective import controls and cost-effective traceability and marketing
systems for all livestock that prevent disease spread.

The submission says the industry has been challenged by the cost of welfare legislation, the cost of BSE controls and the impact of foot-and-mouth controls.

BPEX chairman Richard Campbell said: “Even though very few pigs
were infected by foot-and-mouth, the cost to the industry has been immense.”

Sir Donald is due to report to the Prime Minister in January.

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