Brazil increases sugar production

13 October 1998

Brazil increases sugar production

BRAZIL is continuing to increase its sugar output this season.

Year-on-year sugar production increased by an extra 2.1m tonnes of raw sugar by the end of August this season, according international futures group C Czarnikow.

Cumulative sugar production for the year reached 9.1m tonnes by the end of August, compared with about 7m tonnes by the same time last season.

But sugar exports slowed to 695,000 tonnes in August, against 1.05m tonnes in July.

C Czarnikow reports sugar prices at $211-223/tonne.

The group says the most important factor affecting prices will be the impact of the global financial crisis and the volume of next years Russian imports.

It says big crops and restricted demand are likely to remain the main influence on sugar price trends for some time.

  • Financial Times 13/10/98 page 32 (Commodities and Agriculture)

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