Breed groups urged to back beef more…

10 January 1997

Breed groups urged to back beef more…

BREED societies should aim to play a greater role in supporting beef producers in the future.

Speaking at the British Cattle Breeders Club conference in Cambridge this week, British Simmental Society chief executive David Gaunt said that the BSE crisis had encouraged producers to establish marketing groups and farm assurance schemes.

"Breed societies have the resources to play a key role in developing marketing groups as they have the capability to handle data and act as a centre point for large numbers of beef producers," said Mr Gaunt.

Breed names could be linked with quality – as had been the case with the Aberdeen-Angus – to create premiums for producers.

"Breed society councils should also consider appointing non-executive directors who know the meat industry and have long-term strategic plans for promoting the beef breed in a changing market.

"Currently society councils are too insular and a real opportunity for societies to forge closer links with each other could be missed," said Mr Gaunt.

"Closer links – in the form of an administration pool for all breed societies – would reduce time spent on administration.

"This would free manpower which could be used to provide support for society members. And a network of field officers could be established to support commercial producers who have bought bulls. Currently there is no direct advice after the point of sale to help the buyer get the maximum out of their new bull,"he said.

and make more profit," he said.

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