Bright future for saved mart

8 March 2002

Bright future for saved mart

CIRENCESTER markets future has been resolved after property consultants Bruton Knowles decided to back the site and review its lease.

There was some doubt over the markets future when the companys other livestock market at Gloucester closed last year and many farmers felt that Cirencester may follow suit.

But the company has decided to reopen the 150-year-old site, although it will be operated by VoycePullin, a new auction company, set-up by ex-BK employees Chris Voyce and Jon Pullin.

BK partner, Gavin Loynes, said: "The market will stay a vibrant part of the local agricultural landscape providing a much-needed platform for the trading of store cattle and calves."

The first sale date is set for Mar 12 and will feature calves and store cattle only. Sales will follow fortnightly, with weekly markets during peak season. There will be no prime cattle or sheep sales.

Mr Pullin said the company was delighted to have the opportunity to run Cirencester market.

"It will give livestock farmers in Gloucestershire another option – it is a long way to other markets, such as Ross-on-Wye."

He said the company decided not to sell prime stock, because many abattoirs in the area have refined their buying policy and no longer purchased in marts. Consequently, it did not want to finance this area. &#42

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