Britain barking mad over hunting

18 December 2000

Britain ‘barking mad’ over hunting

By FWi staff

BRITAIN has gone “barking mad” putting a Bill which could outlaw hunting at the centre of national politics, claims Times columnist Mick Hume.

He asks: “Who could have predicted that the first general election campaign of the millennium would begin with a debate about pest control?”

It is little wonder that there is “little interest and less excitement about voting for anybody next year,” he adds.

The Bill, which MPs are due to debate on Wednesday (20 December), is the outcome of a transparent political stunt, says Mr Hume.

He claims that the Bill is largely about looking radical by attacking Pink-coated forces of conservatism without upsetting the City too much.

Mr Hume says a Third Way of regulating and licensing hunts, reportedly favoured by ministers, is “nonsense” concocted by a “spineless political culture”.

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