British fare for Chefs?

4 December 1998

British fare for Chefs?

DINERS in Little Chef restaurants want to eat a proper British breakfast, according to a survey by the British Pig Industry Support Group.

Customers at over 170 Little Chefs were asked "Do you believe that Little Chef should only serve pork, sausage, bacon and ham that complies with British legislation?" 99.3% said Yes.

Commenting on the results, British Pig Industry Support Group Spokesman spokesman George Gittus said: "This gives a clear message that caterers have a moral responsibility to ensure that the food they serve is produced to the standards of food production laid down by parliament.

"We expect caterers to state clearly their buying policies for all to see and to respect the wishes of their customers."

Little Chef has responded in a joint statement with the NFU saying that 80% of all pork served in its restaurants is "sourced" from Britain. The company has claimed it is yet to find a British supplier of bacon who could offer volume at a competitive price.

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