‘British’ focus for AHDB We Eat Balanced campaign relaunch

The AHDB’s “We Eat Balanced” advertising campaign will include the term “British” for the first time, when it relaunches on 8 September.

EU state aid rules had previously restricted using country of origin terms such as “British” as part of marketing campaigns.

However, since the UK published The Subsidy Control Act post-Brexit, this is now possible.

The campaign will run until 22 October and focuses on promoting the benefits of British meat and dairy as part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

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Marketing for the campaign will include videos, social media posts, content in newspapers, and stickers on supermarket products.

The Union Jack flag and the term “British” will also be used more for the Love Pork campaign and by the AHDB export team at international events.

AHDB director of marketing Liam Byrne said: “By incorporating the ‘British’ message, which we know is important to consumers, our aim is to highlight the exceptional taste and quality of our home-grown meat and dairy, while advocating its role in a nutritionally balanced and sustainable diet. 

“We believe that through these efforts we can foster a strong and enduring connection between consumers and our British farmers, who are so passionate about providing quality and sustainable food at every step of its journey, from field to fork.”

Part of the campaign also looks at challenging misinformation surrounding the agricultural sector, and defending the reputation of red meat and dairy.

AHDB beef and lamb board member James Shouler, added: “It is encouraging to see a campaign equipping consumers with facts about a healthy diet that is also sustainably produced.

“The We Eat Balanced campaign is supporting the British farming industry at a time when there is a plethora of imbalanced information about nutrition and food production.”

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