BSE fears hit McDonalds

25 January 2001

BSE fears hit McDonald’s

By FWi staff

CONSUMERS across Europe have begun to shun McDonalds amid fears that its burgers could be infected with BSE, reports The Guardian.

McDonalds has blamed the European crisis for a 10% drop in regional sales in the last quarter, and the first drop in profits for two years.

Continuing consumer confidence issues would make the next few months “very challenging” warned McDonalds chairman and chief executive Jack Greenberg.

Beef sales across the EU have fallen 27% since tests revealed a higher-than-expected incidence of the disease on the Continent.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express reports that France has banned beef from all countries reported to have BSE, from Tahiti, in French Polynesia.

But while this was intended to stop British beef reaching the Pacific archipelago, France has unwittingly excluded its own beef, says the newspaper.

A French union official compared the move to Britain banning the sale of its beef to the Isle of Wight.

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