BSE risk in Belgian beef – again

4 December 2001

BSE risk in Belgian beef – again

By FWi staff

BSE-RISK material has been found in beef imported from Belgium for second time in just over a fortnight.

The latest discovery was made on Thursday (29 November) in beef imported by Anglo-Dutch Meats (ADM), of Eastbourne, Sussex.

Spinal cord, a BSE specified risk material, was found in five out of 196 quarters of the beef imported, said the Food Standards Agency.

Spinal cord had been found in two quarters of beef exported from Belgium on 15 November by another company.

ADM will now be added to the list of European abattoirs from which beef containing spinal cord has been imported into the UK.

National Farmers Union president Ben Gill called for the immediate closure of the Belgian meat plant where the beef was processed.

“The Belgians should be ashamed of themselves.”

Germany Holland, Spain, Italy, and Denmark have all exported beef to the UK with spinal cord still attached.

“Once again, the Food Standards Agency has been left to defend us against these abuses of the rules,” said Mr Gill.

“As ever, we continue to encourage shoppers to buy British every time.”

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