Buggy spreads greater load

14 February 1997

Buggy spreads greater load

FOR Danish fertiliser spreader maker Bogballe the Farm machinery Show presented a chance to show its new Buggy.

Designed to provide a low ground pressure carrier for large capacity spreaders, the Buggy is basically a four-wheel chassis running on wide tyres.

But there is a degree of refinement which should appeal to big farmers or contractors with large areas to cover. The unit is fitted with a steering system to allow its wheels to track those of the towing tractor. Track width can be adjusted.

Front wheels are linked to the drawbar but the rear wheels are left to find their own angle and have no positive control system. For road transport, where trailer steering could be less than desirable, two rams are extended to lock up the rear axles steering capability.

Maximum carrying capacity is put at 5t, enough to allow a demountable spreader with 4.5t payload to be fitted.

A basic unit complete with 4.5t capacity, twin disc spreader has a price tag of £13,000.

Buggy chassis bumps up Bogballes fertiliser spreader payload to 4.5t.

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