Bulk beet harvester in wings

26 March 1999

Bulk beet harvester in wings

A SIX-row bulk tanker type sugar beet harvester now tops the Matrot line-up of harvesters.

Designated the M2001, the self-propelled machine is powered by a 15.8-litre Deutz engine rated at 470hp driving through an eight-speed hydrostatic transmission.

Features include a steering system offering not only four wheel steer and an ability to operate with back axle in an off-set position, but also an auto-guidance system operated through the front axle.

Standard equipment is a flail topper capable of handling 45cm or 50cm rows having automatic height control, hydraulic leafspreader and scalpers with adjustable cutting thickness and angle of cut.

Lifting gear comprises self centering, hydraulically driven Lima shares with hydraulic row-width adjustment and automatic depth control. Beet is then passed over nine spiral rollers for pre-cleaning.

Three hydraulically driven turbines form the main cleaning area – the beet arrives from the spiral rollers via a variable speed cleaning web – with the cleaned beet then being passed to the harvesters 26 cu m capacity holding tank.

Harvesting function control is enhanced through use of Matrots Compumat system which is designed to display operational settings employed throughout the machine.

Shod on 800/65R32 front and 1050/50R32 tyres at the rear, the Matrot M2001 tanker carries a price tag of about £200,000.

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