Bull gores water board worker to death

08 June 1998

Bull gores water board worker to death

By FWi staff

A WATER board worker was gored to death by an irate bull which burst through a fenced field near the village of Pettinain, Lanarkshire, in Scotland today.

Police are withholding the mans name until family and friends have been notified.

Police said the man was working near the field when the bull became agitated and burst through the fence, trapping him against his van and goring him in the head and body.

Horrified bystanders tried to help but it is believed the man died from head injuries at the scene.

The farmer who owed the bull was alerted, and managed to get the beast into a pen at the farm. Police said the animal would be destroyed.

The incident follows a similar case last week when pensioner Grace Aldridge, 67, of Lyminster, in West Sussex, was found dead after she was apparently trampled by cows.

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