Bull proofs see success for UK

16 August 2002

Bull proofs see success for UK

By Jessica Buss

THE latest Holstein Interbull ranking shows strong signs that efforts to increase numbers of top quality UK-bred and proven bulls are paying off.

Gordon Swanson of MDC Evaluations says four such sires are now in the top 15 available PLI sires, although the list is headed by the Dutch-bred sire Delta Webster. This high milk quality bull regains top place from UK proven Cogent Courier, who drops £2 PLI to third position. But Couriers reliability has improved to 75%.

However, Cogent have one of the highest climbers with Fatal son Elton Star. Elton Star is UK proven and moves up from 16th place in May to fourth, with a £PLI of 94.

But this proof runs highest climber is Moet Lookout, who has increased his £PLI from 68 to 89, since May.

Lookout, a Lord Lily son, is also fifth on Holstein UKs TOP ranking, adds Genus James Simpson. "He has added £21 to his PLI score this quarter, which is more than I have seen before.

"In May he had many daughters with records in progress. Now, more daughters have completed lactations and we have seen a massive increase because they are persistent in lactation."

He adds that this persistency is typical of his cow family. The bulls dam, Moet Slocum Kizzy, produced 27,000 litres in 650 days before her second calving. "And, his grand-dam peaked eight months into lactation.

"The bull is also negative on somatic cell count and scores more than two points for udder composite and two points for feet and legs, making him the highest UK proven sire on the TOP ranking."

Yet, Mr Simpson believes this is only the start of what Genus Moet herd has to offer. "We now have the fourth generation of nucleus herd evaluated dams at Moet. Lookout is the tip of the iceberg in what will come through progeny testing. Lookout himself has six brothers to come through the breeding programme." &#42

Top 10 available Holstein bulls ranked on PLI (Aug 2002)

£PLI £PIN Type merit TOP Supplier Price

Delta Webster 101 92 1.8 861 Avoncroft £25

Ricecrest Marshall 100 91 1.6 854 Alta £35

Cogent Courier 99 93 1.5 782 Cogent £22

Elton Star 94 88 0.9 712 Cogent £16

Lorak 94 97 1.2 748 Supersires £24

Newhouse Spiceman 93 98 0.0 658 Avoncroft £15

Ricecrest Brett 93 93 0.6 678 Genus £16

Cogent Merrick 92 97 0.8 679 Cogent £15

Elite Mountain Donor 91 88 0.0 615 Semen World £16

Eastland Festival 91 94 -0.1 603 Avoncroft £17

Source: MDC Evaluations.

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