Buyers get choosy as potato stores empty

By FWi staff

AS more farmers move to empty potato stores, buyers are becoming increasingly selective in purchasing quality stocks.

Demand for quality stocks remains good although specifications are rigid, notes the British Potato Council in its weekly price report.

“However, value-pack produce is moving well and this has slowed orders for higher grades in a few cases.”

Bulk grade 1 stocks are stable trading between 50-75/t, although best Estima are up to 90/t.

Piper values are slightly higher, selling from 80-100/t, with top material at 115-125/t.

Grade 2 trading is concentrated on Piper, starting at 40/t, with the majority at 50-60/t. Best material is trading at 80/t.

Other potatoes start from 20/t, with most between 30-50/t and best at 60-80/t.

Processing spot material, sold for chipping, is between 18-40/t and up to 45-50/t.

With continuing pressure on poor and average stocks the BPC weekly GB ex-farm average eased over the week to 61.99/t.

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