Call for UK cattle semen review

14 August 1997

Call for UK cattle semen review

The European Commissions scientific committee on BSE has called for a review of the use of UK cattle semen. It is the only UK beef product that is exempt from the European Unions worldwide export ban. .

UK officials fear the move would jeopardise UK efforts to win EU approval for exports of beef from herds that have not had BSE. The review could threaten the UK export trade in semen.

The Berlin institute for the protection of consumer health and veterinary medicine will report on September 8 whether the disease can be transmitted through semen and embryos.

The demand from US tallow manufacturers to be exempted from new European Union meat safety rule is on the same agenda.

The scientists will also consider whether to extend the definition of specified risk material to include intestines.

  • Financial Times 14/08/97 page 18

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