Cameras eye view of baler/wrapper doings

8 December 2000

Cameras eye view of baler/wrapper doings

WONDERING what the baler-towed wrappers up to as you trundle across the silage field? Then the remote camera and monitor package from McHale Engineering will reassure that alls going well.

"When youre operating the baler and wrapper in tandem, its impossible to see the wrapper working," notes Kieran Hughes of McHale. "Put the camera on the back of the baler or on the wrapper frame and you get a panoramic view of the operating sequence."

The Rear View System is optional on McHales latest trailed model, the HS2000, which will easily keep up with the fastest round baler thanks to a twin-reel wrap dispensing arm. Operated alone behind a tractor, the two 750mm reels will put stretch plastic around as many as 100 to 120 bales an hour, says the company.

"Using twin reels means you dont have to stop so often to change rolls," says Kieran Hughes. "And weve made it easier to change rolls by fitting spring-loaded top bobbins with a ratchet release."

Although the wrappers loading arm is activated manually, the wrapping sequence continues under automatic control. The table tilts further forward than on previous McHale models for smoother loading, and tilts low enough to unload without needing an impact mat.

List price is £19,600 or £16,600 without optional steering axles.

McHale HS2000 gets extra output thanks to twin film dispenser arms.

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