Campaign to rout yellow peril

07 April 1998

Campaign to rout ‘yellow peril’

THE Country Landowners Association in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire launched a campaign to rout ragwort.

The “yellow peril” has been spreading at an alarming rate because of recent mild winters, threatening livestock.

The landowners have set up a pilot programme to see if the weed can be eradicated from one 809.4ha (2,000 acre) area either side of the A41 trunk road at Forton, Shropshire.

Farmers, landowners, local authorities and highways agencies are co-operating, checking possible growth areas and spraying during May and June.

It is hoped national awareness can be raised before the problem becomes uncontrollable.

The Daily Telegraph cites one farmer, near Uttoxeter who recently lost 26 cattle out ot his 50-strong herd.

  • The Daily Telegraph 07/04/98 page 10

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