Canada wheat forecast down 23%

27 August 1997

Canada wheat forecast down 23%

A 23% reduction in Canadas wheat production is likely because of a severe
drought in the central prairies. This will contribute to an expected drop in
world exports this year according to a forecast prepared by Statistics Canada.

Canadan producers are expected to reap 23 million tonnes of wheat this year compared with 29.8mt in 1996, after dry hot weather across the prairies ruined what had been a promising harvest.

Canadian farmers produced 5% of global output last year. However, Canadian wheat exports totalled 19mt – which is equivalent to about 21% of the worlds total exports.

Canadian Wheat Board director of weather and crop surveillance Paul Bullock said all the major exporting powers except the US would produce significantly smaller crops this year. Canada, Australia, Argentina and the European Union have been struck by adverse weather conditions.

  • Financial Times 27/08/97 page 21

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