CAP aid via Shearwell alliance

A STRATEGIC ALLIANCE announced at the Smithfield Show will offer livestock producers new computer software to meet their needs post-CAP reform.

The alliance between FARMERS WEEKLY, Farmplan Computer Systems and Shearwell will pool their knowledge and experience in computer software.

New programs will assist with traceability, legislation, help with marketing and management decisions and allow comparative analysis, said FW Editor Stephen Howe.

Shearwell‘s chairman and managing director Richard Webber added that the new cattle program brings together both Farmplan and Shearwell Data‘s current programs and helps with cross-compliance and data communication.

“This joint venture will also promote the National Livestock Management Database also launched at Smithfield by Shearwell Data. It will produce the first data loaded on the database,” added Mr Webber.

Bill Madders, NLMD chairman, added that this will offer great advantages and ownership will transfer to the livestock producers who use it.

“It will collate management information, slaughter data and act as a procurement tool for buyers.”

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