Case cab visibility is an all-round improvement

13 July 2001

Case cab visibility is an all-round improvement

CASE has fitted a new cab to its SP2500 and SP3000 which, with its extensive use of all-round glazing, is claimed to improve operator visibility significantly.

There will be those who recognise the cab as being the same as that used in New Hollands TX combine range, a move made possible through the Case/New Holland merger and further evidence of CNHs intention to develop parts commonality between the two brands.

That aside, there is no denying the new cab does provide good uninhibited views to the front and sides. Monitoring of the boom is also enhanced through use of optional twin, electrically adjusted mirrors which allow all but the nozzles directly behind the machine to be observed.

But placing an operator into a virtual goldfish bowl is not without drawbacks. Air-conditioning is essential and it will cross the mind of some owners that it could be costly to replace a broken windscreen.

The new cab is not the only change to the Case models. In-cab controls have been rearranged in a more ergonomic fashion, with the control console being attached to the seat armrest, while a boom height and tilt adjustment system – operated from buttons on the joystick – is also included.

Many manufacturers have endeavoured to stack as many control features as possible on their joysticks to create that "flick of the button" control, but Case has taken this concept to new heights.

Up to eight buttons are employed to provide individual section on/off control – each with an LED indication light. There is a master on/off button, a toggle switch for the boom tilt and height adjustment, while one of the two buttons around the back of the joystick resets the boom to level operation should it have been tilted. The other works in conjunction with the tilt/height toggle switch to tilt the left or right boom sections as individually.

Whats more, the joystick is employed to speed up or slow down the progress of the hydrostatically powered sprayer.

On the power front, both SP2500 and SP3000 models have 152hp Cummins engines with a two-speed hydrostatic transmission employing Poclain wheel motors and traction control.

Other notable features of the sprayers is the steering, which can be programmed to trip into four wheel operation for headland turns and back into two-wheel steering when spraying recommences.

Also included in the specification is the choice of the Case-badged 844 auto application controller or the more advanced RDS Pro Series 8000 system. The latter can be used with DGPS systems.

Clean water tanks, clothing lockers, integral pressure washer and a sprayline recirculation system complete the revisions.

With a standard ground clearance of 1m (1.2m is optional) and boom options up to 30m, prices of the Case SP2500 and SP3000 are in the region of £80,000. &#42

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