Cattle tracking system goes on-line

08 April 1998

Cattle tracking system goes on-line

A HIGHLAND cattle breeder has developed his own cattle tracability system which he argues could easily be adapted to meet the most stringent requirements of the European Community.

Iain Graham, chief executive of Graham Technology, of Glasgow, Scotland, recently went “on-line” with his cattle tracking system.

He says an electronic system would be able to react much faster, so that an outbreak of disease could be contained within hours.

In the past 18 months, he has set about proving his point using the GT-X process server technology developed by his company.

Farmers can either enter details of birth registration, movement and applications for cattle passports directly through personal computers or by phone contact through the companys call centre near Glasgow.

Graham says benefits to the farming industry would include centralised herd information, immediate access to all registered animals data, substantially reduced administration, an approved interface to Ministry of Agriculture systems, increased consumer confidence and the ability to react and provide evidence of quality in the event of future health problems.

Now farmers are being invited to register with Europes first cattle traceability website. Graham would like to see the system taken over possibly by local enterprise companies to provide employment in rural areas that have been hard hit by the beef ban.

Further information can be found at

  • The Scotsman 08/04/98 page 7 (Interactive supplement)

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