Centaur min-till system saves cash

30 November 2001

Centaur min-till system saves cash

POWER and fuel savings of 20% are claimed for Amazones Centaur 7.5m-wide cultivator/disc/roller combination when equipped with a depth control system guided by GPS.

"Working depth of the cultivator tines is controlled automatically, based on information on soil type and structure supplied by field maps interpreted by GPS, says Christian Dreyer, managing director Amazone.

The depth is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder operated by an electromagnetic valve which receives its instructions from the GPS control unit in the tractor. This information is based on post-harvest soil mapping and crop yield analysis.

Working depth of the tines is varied on the move automatically up to a maximum of 300mm (12in).

The Centaurs work rate of 7ha/hour (17.5 acres/hour) allows the machine to cover between 70ha and 100ha a day on most soils, he claims.

Total cost for a 7.5m-wide cultivation system is about £40,000. &#42

GPS activated depth control on Amazones Centaur minimal tillage system saves up to 20% in power and fuel costs, says the firm.

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