Cereals 2008: John Deere unveils new sprayer at Cereals

John Deere is to give its latest development in sprayer technology its world debut at Cereal 2008.

A new pressure recirculation system with pneumatic switching of the spray nozzles for the 5430i self-propelled sprayer and all 800i and 800i TF (Twin Fluid) Series trailed sprayers will be unveiled for the first time at John Deere’s stand number 544 on 11th and 12th June. The system is now being fitted as standard equipment on these models. Take a virtual tour of the 5430i by visiting the John Deere website.

The new system provides maximum liquid agitation while maintaining high pressures (up to 8 bar) and high flow rates in the spray lines. This ensures ultra-fast, drip-free nozzle on/off switching and improved spray accuracy, particularly when using the company’s GreenStar SprayerPro control system.

Deere 5430i self-propelled sprayer

John Deere 5430i self-propelled sprayers are now fitted with the company’s new recirculation system as standard

Individual spray nozzles are switched on using air supplied by an on-board hydraulically driven air compressor, and switched off by spring-operated diaphragm check valves. This provides a fail-safe switch off of the spray liquid should air pressure be lost for any reason.

Spray liquid is continuously agitated in the spray lines to prevent sedimentation, especially when spraying powdered chemicals or hard to dissolve granulates. This means less risk of blocked nozzles and of over or under-dosing.

During operation the spray lines are fed with liquid under pressure from both ends of each boom section, instead of the conventional practice of feeding in liquid from a single point only. This unique feature provides each nozzle with a higher flow rate of liquid all at the same time, as well as better pressure distribution, with less pressure loss within the spray lines.

Significant advantages are therefore gained in even distribution of spray liquid across the full boom width, even when using higher application rates and large nozzles, leading to savings in chemicals, time and money.

The system allows the sprayer to be cleaned anywhere simply and quickly with no risk of environmental pollution, as the rinse water is washed out of the spray lines without spraying from the nozzles. It also means the first part of the field is always effectively treated, while leaving no triangles of weeds or diseases.

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