Change…but to what?

12 October 2001

Change…but to what?

THE government has been slammed for repeatedly telling farmers to change but giving little guidance as to what producers are meant to do in the future.

Tim Bennett, NFU deputy president, said there was a lack of comprehension about where the agricultural industry would be in the future.

"When you start talking about reforming the CAP, it is no good the secretary of state making a speech saying she doesnt like it…but not coming up with any solutions," said Mr Bennett.

"It isnt a matter of saying you dont like something you have to get out there and come up with some ideas," he told delegates at the NFUs fringe meeting in Blackpool.

Mr Bennett said the NFU firmly believed that the industry had to change But a more serious debate was necessary.

so that partnerships could be forged between people who could take the industry forward, he said.

Peter Ainsworth, shadow DEFRA secretary of state, repeated the sentiment in his main conference speech when he urged the government to provide leadership.

"At the moment government hands out order, makes demands and acts as an enforcer," he said. "Leadership means doing, not just talking."

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