Cheaper bale silage

4 December 1998

Cheaper bale silage

NEXT years big bale silage crop could cost 10p a bale less with a thinner, cheaper film wrap that is proven to produce the same quality silage as conventional film.

Wrap developers IP Europe revealed the new Silawrap Enduro – which will be marketed by Volac – at Smithfield. The companys Nick Everington said it was also suited to wrapping more mature, stemmy silage with lower risk of holes appearing in bales.

It will cost 10% less than conventional wrap and may save contractors down-time. More bales could be wrapped with each roll of film because the wrap was thinner and lighter, he said.

Trials using four and six layers of Enduro, compared with conventional wrap, showed that Enduro produced an equal quality of silage with similar dry matter losses and low butyric acid levels. &#42

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