Cheaper veg drilling

3 January 1997

Cheaper veg drilling

A LOW-COST version of Stanhay Webbs Singulaire vegetable drill – the Singulaire 780 – is intended to bring vacuum seeding within reach of the smaller-scale grower.

Seen by Stanhay Webb as bridging the gap between the existing 870 belt system drill and the more sophisticated 785, the 780 is equipped with a vacuum seed metering unit fitted to a lightweight chassis.

The drill has the capability, claims Stanhay, of accurately planting in single, double and triple lines from each row unit and is available with belt or chain drive. Options include a microgranule applicator and an electric monitor.

Price of a standard chain-driven, single-line, four-row Singulaire 780 is £6551. A belt-drive version is listed at £6163. &#42

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