Chinook ready to combat flea beetle

15 June 2001

Chinook ready to combat flea beetle

NEW oilseed rape seed treatment Chinook is set to plug the insect control gap left by banned pesticide Lindane (gamma-HCH).

The new product protects the emerging crop from damage by flea beetle, relying on the active ingredients imidacloprid (as in Gaucho for sugar beet and Secur for cereals) plus betacyfluthrin, the active isomer from a cypermethrin pyrethroid spray, says supplier Bayer.

"Chinook should give protection from damage by adult flea beetles, from before the crop emerges, to two-to-four full leaves emerged," says the companys Tim Nicholson. It will also offer limited protection against flea-beetle larvae, he adds.

Winter oilseed rape growers will be able to use treated seed this autumn, but Bayer is not allowing its use by mobile seed treatment plants.

"Its a big step forward," says ADAS agronomist David Green. "The departure of Lindane left a hole in the market, and everyone has been looking for a replacement." &#42

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