Cleaner milk with silicone trappings

9 October 1998

Cleaner milk with silicone trappings

FITTING milking parlours with silicone liners and plastic teat cups will improve hygiene and reduce the number of liner changes needed, according to supplier Axient.

It says that the teat cups and liners are hard wearing. Product trials show that silicone liners, which do not perish or harbour bugs, can last for more than 14 months. The clear plastic teat cups are lightweight and allow liner movement to be checked, it adds.

These liners are said to be suitable for almost all parlours, and prices for complete sets of liners and teat cups includes free fitting, vacuum and pulsation checks.

Each complete set, including small milk tubes, costs £75 (01709-890222, fax 01709-890444).

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