Coccidostat to tackle disease

23 April 1999

Coccidostat to tackle disease

TREATING indoor reared weaned lambs with a coccidiostat to prevent the disease is economic, according to a study reported in the Vet Record, Apr 17, 1999.

In a French study, a coccidiostat diclazuril (Vecoxan), licensed recently in the UK, improved weight gain efficiency of lambs compared with untreated and treatment with sulphademethoxine for five days.

Critical period

A single oral dose of diclazuril at weaning suppressed coccidiosis for about two weeks in the critical period for infection. A second dose two weeks later was suggested for high-risk situations.

Lambs treated with diaclazuril showed improved feed conversion effciency and reached slaughter weight more quickly – averaging 52 days from weaning comp-ared with 60 days for untreated lambs. &#42

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