Columnists target CAP and GM food

25 February 1999

Columnists target CAP and GM food

THE Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and genetically modified (GM) crops exercise the minds of the columnists in The Times and The Guardian today (Thursday).

Farmers must be more than “glorified park keepers”, writes Magnus Linklater in The Times.

Mr Linklater claims CAP reform threatens to drive the farmers with the most innovative ideas off the land.

The age-old skills of good husbandry and good land management would be lost, he writes.

In The Guardian, George Monbiot gets to grips with the GM issue in a passionate attack on the science of biotechnology.

Claims that biotechnology and GM crops will feed the world are ridiculous, argues Mr Monbiot.

“If the worlds impending food crisis is to be solved, it will be done through a fairer distribution of food and the means to grow it,” he concludes.

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