Combination drill back

28 March 1997

Combination drill back

RENEWED interest in spring sowing has encouraged LandMec to reintroduce a combination drill to its price list.

The Devon-based importer dropped the Fiona AK90 conventional drill from its line-up about four years ago. Pressure from its dealers over the past two seasons, has now reversed the decision.

"Growers in East Scotland, particularly in the malting barley areas, are very keen on combination sowing," explains LandMecs Tim Coleridge.

"The theory is that placing fertiliser with the seed as soon as possible gives a good plant take."

Costing £9475, the AK90 is a 3m (10ft) wide outfit comprising twin hoppers allowing 2.4ha (6 acres) of sowing between fill-ups.

Both hoppers have agitator shafts to prevent bridging, and there is a level indicator for the seed tank.

Seed metering is by the familiar Fiona peg wheel system, and collection trays are provided for calibration.

Other standard features include electronic tramlining, individual and central coulter pressure adjustment, disc markers, wheel scrapers and wheelmark eradicators.

The Fiona AK90 3m combined grain and fertiliser drill from LandMec.

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