COMBINE SETTINGS: Drum and Concave

3. Drum and Concave

Combine Drum

Remove side panels to get free access. Examine the concave to see how far back unthreshed ears appear.

If you can find them right at the back of the concave then the drum needs to be running faster or the concave needs closing up.

Where unthreshed tips are an ongoing problem, rather than using de-awning plates, New Holland recommends fitting rub-bars (up-turned rasp-bars) to the front two concave sections to enhance threshing. These are better than de-awning plates which reduce separation area without offering more effective threshing.

A tough straw kit is also available for the post concave crop beater – toothed bars provide a more aggressive action.

1.Grain tank sample

2.Crop flow

4.Grain pan


6.Returns sample

7.Straw walkers

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