Comestar in Canadian table

22 August 1997

Comestar in Canadian table

THE first proven Raider son, Comestar Lee, has entered the latest Canadian lifetime profitability index rankings in 10th position.

Lee has a UK conversion, at 71% reliability, of 761kg milk, 22kg (-0.14%) fat, 22kg (-0.04%) protein, PIN £81 and ITEM £87. His conformation score is +14, with +11 for feet and legs, +11 for mammary system and +9 for size and stature.

Aerostar son Rudolph is still top on LPI, and boasts £107 PIN and £114 ITEM. Aeroline, also by Aerostar, moves from third to second position with £95 PIN.

Leadership, currently the number one UK type bull, continues to strengthen his position on LPI, adding 100kg of milk to move up one place into fifth position. His UK converted proof at 96% reliability now shows 606kg milk, 23kg (-0.04%) fat, 21kg (+0.02%) protein, £80 PIN and £87 ITEM. He has a conformation score of +13.

Caernarvon Jay, the highest placed Mascot son on LPI, has now moved up to seventh position and will be available in the UK. Jays UK conversion at 76% reliability shows 952kg milk, 35kg fat, 28kg protein and £105 PIN. He is +7 on conformation with +11 for mammary system.

Daughter of the first proven Raider son, Comestar Lee, 10th on Canadian LPI.

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