Common law hope to end rave parties

29 March 2002

Common law hope to end rave parties

POLICE are hoping that prosecution of illegal ravers under common law will put an end to illegal rave parties over the summer season.

Thames Valley Police chief superintendent, John Reeve, said the arrest of nine ravers on a Buckinghamshire farm on Mar 24 was part of the forces aim to disrupt lucrative rave parties.

"We stepped in early to try and put an end to a summer of raves which could bring a season of wholesale illegal activity to farming areas," he told farmers weekly.

"There have been two rave events in our county in the past month, and we will continue seizing their equipment and pursuing the perpetrators with vigour."

Thames Valley Police officers raided a party of 300 people, after complaints from residents over noise at Middle Farm, near Brill, Aylesbury. Eight men were arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance, and one man was held for drugs offences.

Farmers should make contact with their local station if they notice any strange cars in their area on reconnaissance, or if any locks are broken, said chief superintendent Reeve. "We have compiled an intelligence database including the names of regular rave organisers and their car number plates," he said. &#42

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