Common-rail injection

The common-rail fuel injection system does away with a timed injection pump. Instead a single output pump supplies a fuel “rail” – a reservoir of fuel held at pressures of between 400 and 1400 bar (5800 – 20,300 psi) – “common” to all the injectors.

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How it works:

The common-rail delivers exactly the same fuel pressure to all of the electronically-controlled injector valves which can open and close hundreds of time each second. Consequently, the magnetic valves can provide fast and precisely metered fuel injections.

The advantage of this is that several injections can be made in one combustion cycle. Pre- and post-combustion fuel deliveries ensure that more of the diesel is burnt.


  • Increases responsiveness under all loads and speeds, which extends the engine working range to lower speeds with the potential for significant fuel savings.

  • Fuel delivery can be precisely regulated to match engine loading and operator throttle inputs.
  • Multiple fuel injections provide a “cleaner”, “quieter” burn.

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