Common scheme for ICM auditing

18 July 1997

Common scheme for ICM auditing

CALLS for a common auditing procedure covering different integrated crop management schemes for potatoes may soon be realised, according to industry representatives.

Chris Wise, NFU pesticides adviser, said there was "an overwhelming desire for growers to have a single system".

Although most end users had adopted the NFU/retailer protocols, Tesco prefered its own Natures Choice scheme.

"Natures Choice goes a little wider than we do at the moment. But certain formulæ are being tested for both groups to move a little so that we can have one core mechanism which will satisfy both parties and meets growers objectives," said Dr Wise.

All 1600 growers who supply Tesco will have been audited by the end of this year. But talks between the NFU and Tesco could mean they would not have to be audited again to satisfy the NFUs assured produce scheme.n

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