Compounders face new feed rules

12 October 2001

Compounders face new feed rules

By Philip Clarke, Europe editor

BAGS of compound animal feed will have to display accurate percentages of all ingredients, under new rules from Brussels.

A compromise was reached on how much information should be made available after negotiations between the European parliament and council.

The parliament had wanted feed manufacturers to be forced to display the exact percentage of each and every feed ingredient.

But the council had favoured a slightly more relaxed approach, with the contents of feed declared within 5% bands.

After a lengthy conciliation process it was agreed that compounders should give the percentage content of each raw material to within 15% accuracy.

This tolerance level will be subject to review three years after the directive takes effect, which itself has a two-year lead time.

Even more precise information should be given to farmers by manufacturers in response to individual requests.

The National Farmers Union said it was pleased farmers will have better information on what they are feeding their animals – especially after BSE.

But it had preferred the banded approach of the farm council to the precise approach of the parliament.

“This could jeopardise commercial confidentiality and, as a result, limit choice,” said the NFUs Jonathan Pettit.

“We want farmers to know whats in the feed and what the energy value is, but such exact information does not really add much.”

The parliament has also been keen to see a “positive list” of ingredients published, listing those raw materials which may be used in feed.

On this subject, it has been agreed that the European Commission will bring forward proposals by the end of next year.


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