Compulsory slaughter schemeaims to banish scrapie

09 July 1998

Compulsory slaughter scheme
aims to banish scrapie

A COMPULSORY new Government slaughter scheme to wipe out scrapie will pay farmers up to £400 per animal.

Goats will also be covered by a new order laid before Parliament yesterday, in a scheme recommended by the Governments independent experts.

The scheme, which comes into effect on 29 July, is expected to produce a substantial increase in the number of scrapie cases reported by farmers.

Some scientists believe scrapie-infected rations were behind the BSE crisis. However that theory has been challenged and is by no means certain.

Farmers will receive the average market value for cull ewes confirmed as scrapie victims. Owners of animals found to have been slaughtered in error will receive compensation of up to £400.

  • The Daily Telegraph 09/07/98 page 15

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