Computer monitor hits drying targets

30 November 2001

Computer monitor hits drying targets

A COMPUTER monitoring system which enables grain to be dried within 0.5% of the target moisture content is now available for use with Cariers NC Continuous Flow Column dryer range.

Using Windows-based software, sensors measure exhaust air temperature, allowing discharge rates to be adjusted automatically and the required drying temperature to be entered manually.

Considered a state-of-the-art system, a 43cm (17in) computer screen built into the side of the dryer is designed to monitor all operating conditions.

These include target and actual moisture content, in-going temperature, chaff auger and fan/burner performance together with grain/fuel level.

The system is also designed to memorise the entire drying information for different crops from one year to the next which helps to optimise drying costs and accuracy, says Carier.

But the technology does not stop there: The computer can also be linked to a modem which allows all drying functions to be monitored from the comfort of a farm office or from different locations via access from the internet.

To fully exploit the virtues of the system, the NC dryers have more efficient gas or diesel-powered burners and up-rated fans.

The computer monitoring system, which is supplied as standard, adds no extra cost to the dryers. &#42

Drying in the 21st century…. Cariers computer monitoring system is designed to work with the companys Column dryers.

Why auger grain when you can blow it? This range of Agri-Vac machines from Sky Tower International come with capacities from 12t to 105t/hour. Powered by pto, diesel engine or electric motor, the Agri-Vac draws in grain through a suction pipe which collects inside a small hopper before dust and chaff are separated into a bin. The cleaner grain is then metered and sent through a hydraulically operated air lock and discharge pipe with a reach of up to 25m. An 84t/hour model costs £15,000.

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