Consumers at risk from drugs in Belgian pork

22 October 1998

Consumers ‘at risk from drugs in Belgian pork’

CONSUMERS are risk from pork imported from Belgium, claimed experts from the Pig Veterinary Society yesterday.

The vets said some Belgium pork contains traces of drugs used to calm the animals during their journey to the abattoir.

The society said it was “sad and a disgrace” that some retailers were selling imported meat produced with the aid of drugs banned in Britain. It said retailers should sell “safer” British pork.

Britain imported more than 7800t of pork from Belgium last year. This year imports are expected to reach 4000t.

The society said it was “deeply concerned” about consumer tests in Belgium which showed that 67% of pork samples contained residues of tranquillisers.

The societys intervention came as the House of Commons Select Committee for Agriculture announced an inquiry into the financial plight of the UK pig industry.

  • The Daily Telegraph 22/10/98 page 16

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