Control big bag flow

16 March 2001

Control big bag flow

WHILE using big bags for fertiliser and feed pellets certainly has its merits in the transportation department, controlling their contents when they are being emptied is perhaps another matter.

Recent years have seen various systems become available to help big bag users prevent an uncontrollable avalanche of fertiliser or feed descending into prohibited areas.

One of the latest is a Scandinavian device, which is now being marketed in the UK by Somerset-based Nordic Star. The unit comprises a valve which can be screwed into the base of a big bag allowing the flow of material to be turned on or off as required. An extension tube enables material to be spread along a trough or a hopper.

Capable of being transferred from bag to bag, the Raimo valve is claimed to be able to withstand pressures beyond 1000kg. Price at £59.

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